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This composition was created by separating a large feather rock boulder to reveal its unique grain patterns. The natural shapes of the resulting pieces were untouched, except to flatten their bases and position them to create this imaginary scene.

A waterfall tumbles down the face of the tallest mountain island as mist roils up from below. A narrow chasm separating the two largest mountains makes them appear to be wrestling for dominance. Accustomed to this endless struggle, a solitary boatman has just cast off from his hut perched on stilts above the lagoon.

The Korean tray, a casting of 85% mica and graphite, was hand-rubbed and waxed, but otherwise left unfinished. The Chinese characters at the right corner of the tray are the Chinese characters for “shan” (mountains) and “chuan” (streams).

natural feather rock fountain with waterfall, mist, mudman hut and boat
Wrestling Bears Islands
24" x 15" x 17"