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Splitting a single large stone with dramatic grain patterns revealed the pieces for this imaginary five-island composition. The sound of falling water draws the visitor into the chasm between the tall mountains. From the foot of the waterfall, a spreading blanket of mist carries the eye across the lagoon to a low island grouping. There in the shallows, a boat is moored to the pilings of a fisherman’s cottage. Far above this scene, a few snowdrifts from a late winter storm remain in the crevices of the mountain’s summit.

The Korean tray, a casting of 85% mica and graphite, was hand-rubbed and waxed, but otherwise left unfinished. The Chinese characters at the right corner of the tray are the Chinese characters for “shan” (mountains) and “chuan” (streams).

mountain islands with waterfall, mist, fisherman's cottage and boat
A Memory of Winter
23" x 15" x 16"