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The entrance path to the tea room of a traditional Japanese temple usually includes a grouping of stones surrounding the water basin (chozubachi) used for purification. Secluded from the tea room by trees and shrubs, this grouping is called a tsukubai. Many Japanese gardens today include a stone lantern along with the water basin which is fed from a bamboo water spout called "kakei".*

This serenity of this traditional tea garden scene is enlivened by a tiny brass frog figure perched on the lip of the chozubachi. The frame is reclaimed strand bamboo flooring. A recessed UV lamp accentuates the surface textures and facilitates plant growth, allowing this composition to be located on any wall, irrespective of available sunlight.

* Keane, M.P. (1996). Japanese Garden Design. Tuttle Publishing. pp. 78-82.

Shadowbox wall fountain with Japanese tea garden design
The Way of Tea
31" x 22" x 5"