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At Inuksugalait, on the southwest coast of Canada’s Baffin Island, stand more than 100 stone inuksuit in various sizes and shapes. The site is so ancient that the elders do not know of its original purpose.* This composition is modeled after one of the inuksuk at Inuksugalait, which appears to lean into the prevailing arctic winds.

The varieties of birds which nest on Baffin Island are represented by the single Sandhill crane on the nearby rock. The tiny leptinella planting recalls the lichens and wildflowers that emerge on the landscape during the arctic summer.

*ArtStorie (2006). Balance: Inuit Stone Constructions. Online: http://artstorie.blogspot.com/2006_11_01_archive.html. Accessed 6/19/12.

stone inuksuk tower with waterfall and leptinella plant
Standing Against the Storm
12" x 8" x 13"