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“Inuksuit” are stone landmarks placed by the Inuit people throughout the Arctic as reference points or markers. Some inuksuit, called "niungvaliruluit", include a window for a sightline toward an important location or object.* The niungvaliruluk that inspired this composition is located in Nunavut, the largest and least populated of Canada's provinces and territories.

All the pieces making up this niungvaliruluk came from a single large rock. The dwarf ivy near the base recalls the tiny plants and lichens that emerge in the microclimates surrounding arctic stones as the weather warms. A small cap of snow remains at the peak, as a waterfall cascades down the right side. The Korean tray, a casting of 85% mica and graphite, is hand burnished but otherwise unfinished.

*Hallendy, N. (2000). Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Arctic. Vancouver: Douglas and McIntyre, Ltd.

inuksuk rock sculpture with fountain and plant
Summer in Nunavut
15" x 11" x 21"