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Full-size Asian gardens often include stone clusters evoking mythological places such as Mt. Horai, the home of the immortals*.

In this miniature garden, a Ming fern evokes the pine trees which often accompany Mt. Horai compositions. Adjacent to the fern planting, a waterfall cascades from the face of the sentinel stone, fed by a miniature pump beneath the Corian surface, hand routed to reflect the raked stone of traditional Japanese gardens.

The tray is fabricated from recycled Corian countertop material and composite deck planking.

*Kawaguchi, Y. (2010). Serene Gardens: Creating Japanese Design and Detail in the Western Garden. Hew Holland Publishers. p. 83

zen indoor fountain rock sculpture with plant and simulated raked stone
Mt. Horai Sentinel Stone
14" x 21" x 14"